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DASH Water

Deliciously Wonky Sparkling Water

a line of colourful dash water drinks along with wonky fruit and vegetables

DASH Water is a business that strives to have a positive social and environmental impact, bringing a fresh perspective to the soft drinks industry.

In 2017, DASH Water co-founders Jack & Alex burst onto the FMCG scene, creating sparkling spring water infused with wonky fruit; including the bent, curved and misshapen produce which others say no to simply because they are judged on looks, not taste.

Now proudly B-corp certified and certified carbon neutral, they’re winning awards and making waves, supported by AFP’s in-depth knowledge in accounting, operations, and tax and compliance.

So far, AFP have implemented cloud-based accounting software, new accounts processes and rationalised supply chain management to streamline processes, increase efficiencies and most importantly free up time and energy for DASH Water, all from our offices in Kettering UK. 


The AFP team are indivisible from the DASH team, both internally in the way that we communicate with each other all through the day as we would if we were working in the same office, and externally in the way that AFP have direct communication with our customers and suppliers.

We work through the lows and challenges of consumer goods retail together as a team, and also celebrate the wins together when they come!

Tom McAlpine
Finance Director – DASH Water


Award-winning, sustainable growth


Produce drinks both in the UK and Australia, with #TeamAFP’s Operations and Supply Chain department supporting the UK entity’s exports and imports with production planning and customer order management.

AFP Services - clipboard

All core administrative functions of the UK entity are under one roof (ours). By outsourcing the accounting, operations and compliance work, the DASH team are free to move their business forward.

AFP Services - Management Accounts

Crowned the UK’s fastest growing drinks brand on the Alantra Fast 50 list for 2023.


Crowned The Grocer’s Exporter of the Year 2022, supported by #TeamAFP’s export knowledge in our Supply Chain team. Read more here.

Interested in Outsourcing to #TeamAFP?

Here are a few tips from DASH Water.

  • When we did our research for our long-term, outsourced accounting and supply chain partner we were confident that AFP were the team for the job. Since we joined forces they have continued to prove us right on this!
  • The key to a positive relationship is to work together as a team, ensuring direct lines of communication throughout the day.
  • As with all relationships, the first few months will likely be the hardest, whilst both parties get used to each other’s working methods. So ensure that you invest sufficient time in preparing for onboarding and the first 3-6 months of working together, including regular process check-ins.
  • We would wholeheartedly recommend AFP to anyone, and we do so on a regular basis to those in our network!
AFP Services - Customer Service

If you would like to see how we can help you and your business call us on 01536 419940 or email

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